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"My Architect and GC on a 500 square job in Dallas realized that they were running behind on accumulating LEED credits. In what could be called a minor panic, they asked me and the other subs to see if we could help. I contacted and had seven, that’s right 7, truckloads of ISO rigid foam boards heading to the construction site within 36 hours. This once-used, but completely intact and functional, building material helped put us over the top on our LEEDS credits while meeting all of the original building specs. And, by the way, saved the project, and me, tens of thousands of dollars!"

Roofing Company President - Louisiana

"The driver showed up yesterday at noon, he was supposed to be here at 1pm but early was okay. We unloaded the truck in 35 minutes. Glad I didn’t go to the expense of a forklift!!! So I was amazed at the stack of white styrofoam as was all my neighbors. At 3:30 yesterday we started putting the product on the roof of the subterranean house, amazingly neighbors came to help and we were done in an hour. The kids even helped when they got off the school bus. Had plenty of product to do two layers and actually did 3 layers in some places. This morning it was 40 degrees here€¦.I had no heat on at all yesterday but it was 75 yesterday. No heat all night long and woke up this morning and the house was 71 degrees. So the insulation may cut out my need for heating and air all together except for the most extreme days. Wow!!! My subterranean house is probably the most efficient house in the county. Thanks for your help! I will send pics of the process when we finish, all we need now is the gravel on top and we are done. Right now it just looks like I have snow on my roof. Did it all ourselves other than the excavator work. Total project with gravel and dirt removal about $5k. Probably will save that in utility bills in 2-3 years."

Thanks again!
Susan - Talladega AL

"We are the Timber Frame Consultants, LLC. We design and build timber framed homes throughout the northeast. Our association with Insulation Depot has been very rewarding from several points of view. First, they have been very easy to work with in their attempts to meet the very specific needs of our customers. We have used recycled insulation outside foundation walls and under basement slabs, as a built up system called "wrap and strap" for timber framed walls and roof systems and for pre-built panels for the same purpose. Our customers love the fact that these materials are "green" because they are recycling an otherwise waste product and most of all because they can save money by using them."

Paul Patterson - Timber Frame Consultants LLC

"ReNew Salvage ( ) is a non-profit reseller of used and surplus building materials. We have always had a strong customer demand for rigid insulation board which we were often unable to fulfill. After working with Jeff Forts at Insulation Depot, we were able to stock this product in time for the winter heating season. We have received 4 trailer loads of material to-date and realized a margin of 30-40% with great public response."

Executive Director

"Insulation Depot has provided me several truckloads of very good conditioned-recycled/reclaimed foam board insulation for an incredible price. This material is more affordable than new and therefore enables more people to use it. I ‘m thrilled to be a part of a process that is considerate of the environment-extremely affordable and conserves natural resources and energy. As a reseller-I am able to do all of the above for my customers and earn a considerable return on my investment. I look forward to working with Insulation Depot in the future-they are an extremely exciting company-doing positive things-and will certainly have a profound impact on many more customers like me as they continue to grow- I envision their process and products becoming a key component to the countries environmental and economic recovery. One other note, my salesperson is personable, flexible and direct which only enhances the relationship between our two companies."

Rich, Reseller- Bath, NY

"Jeff: Everything went well when I went to get the insulation. Kevin treated me really well and let me pick out the insulation that I wanted. Thanks for your help."


"We recently purchased a truck load of 2’’ insulation from your company and just wanted to thank you for putting all of the time and effort in selling us this product. In the beginning we had concerns that the material would be in OK condition, and the pricing was too good to be true; after Insulation Depot. Gave us daily updates with photos and conditions of the product our expectations reached a higher level. When the order was officially received in our warehouse for use, we were amazed at the TRUE condition of the insulation, which was in excellent condition. Your company’s professionalism, courtesy service and cost made the product worthwhile, as we are extremely satisfied with your product. We will be making more purchases in the near future. Thanks."

Adrian Hunt Estimator/PM. Greystone Concrete

"Attempting to restore old buildings and bring insulation up to code has been a challenge. With Insulation Depot’s recycled Rigid Foam Insulation options we have been able to speed up the process, saving valuable time. Additionally, the LEED component is an added incentive for all involved."

Restoration Company - New Haven CT

"While I wanted to insulate my pole barn, I wasn’t interested in spending an arm and a leg. When I found Insulation Depot and their used insulation I was amazed at the savings and jumped at the opportunity. Customer service was great, the material was as promised, and delivery was on time." Who could ask for more!

Pole Barn Owner - Ithaca NY

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