About Us

Recycled foam insulation boards at Insulation Depot

In 2007, Nationwide Foam Recycling and Insulation Depot were formed. Our purpose was to provide a nationwide recycling service and steady supply of reclaimed rigid foam insulation to our growing network of DIY and commercial customers throughout North America. We are co-located with our sister company Conigliaro Industries and are nestled in an 85,000 sf recycling facility in Framingham, MA.

Originally, as a part of Conigliaro Industries, we were a “full service” recycling company focusing on difficult to manage materials that included EPS cups, trays and packaging.  This led to recycling requests for EPS, Polyiso and XPS foam insulation.  Since Polyiso isn’t “recyclable” (it won’t remelt) we focused on getting this material to people who could use it “as is”.  The rest is history.

Since 2007 we have distributed reclaimed foam insulation to customers in all lower 48 states and southern Canada.  We are pretty sure people in Alaska (to stay warm) and Hawaii (to stay cool) need this great stuff as well – goals for our future.